Sunday, September 23, 2018

Seattle slump

Nfl Seattle Seahawks At Chicago Bears
Only Cleveland has allowed more sacks than 0-2 Seattle (Credit: USA Today)

The season's hopes are draining away fast.

Starting with two road games is tough, but the Broncos and the Bears were both beatable teams coming off terrible 2017 campaigns.

Injuries have exacerbated the impact of high-profile veteran departures on defense. The secondary remains decent, but a poor pass rush and rookie linebackers have let mediocre Bears and Broncs passers carve us up like roast poultry.

So far, Mike Solari's revamped O-line has proven as porous as its predecessors--Tom Cable's deservedly maligned units. Offensive coordinator Brian's Schottenheimer's puzzling playcalling has achieved the incredible feat of making me nostalgic for Darrell Bevell. Despite vows to run the ball more, we continue to throw too much and invite defenses to blitz, swarm the pocket, allow Russell Wilson no avenue of escape, and reap a rich harvest of sacks.

This is looking more and more like the rebuilding year skeptics predicted.

Here's hoping the 12s can inspire the Seahawks to a better showing today.

Earlier this month, SI detailed how Seattle's dynastic ambitions disappeared into the gaping chasm separating the defense and Marshawn Lynch from Coach Carroll and his allegedly privileged pet, Wilson. The lack of input from Carroll and Wilson's camp makes it difficult to evaluate whether this is the whole story or just one side of the story, but the article provides helpful context for understanding why our roster and team culture remain in flux.

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