Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bring back T-Jack!

I never imagined I'd write a post under that title.

Pleased with the progress of rookie quarterback EJ Wilson, the Buffalo Bills released Tarvaris Jackson.

Seattle should sign T-Jack to compete for the backup position. I'm excited by Jerrod Johnson's potential, but I worry about having only a rookie on the roster behind Russell Wilson. Jackson did not play brilliantly for Seattle in 2011, but earned the respect and loyalty of his coaches and teammates, and he fought like a warrior to stay on the field, playing with a torn labrum. He didn't pout in training camp last year; he competed collegially with Wilson and Matt Flynn. T-Jack has had far more successful NFL game experience than Brady Quinn. He is familiar with our basic offense, and athletic enough to run the new read option wrinkles. He's already familiar with most of the receivers on our roster, including Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice, whom he threw to in Minnesota.