Sunday, November 2, 2014

Choke out Oakland

Oakland is a bad team, but they're playing better under interim head coach Tony Sparano.

The Seahawks are so wracked with injuries that any opponent would pose a challenge at this point. Consistent chemistry has eluded Seattle on offense, defense and special teams.

Seattle needs to exorcise the demons of our home loss to the Cowboys and restore the fear to Seahawks Stadium.

Old School Diehards remember when playing the Raiders were our most hated division rivals. Still, inspiration should be no problem today. Seattle honors Marysville pregame and inducts Big Walt into the Ring of Honor at halftime.

Carolina off my mind

Seattle savored a sweet victory after a relatively ugly game last week.

Carolina is not a great team, but everyone in the NFL is a threat every week, and western teams always struggle in the eastern time zone. Seattle came in banged up and underperforming on offense, defense and special teams.

There was no shortage of motivation to win. Seattle badly needed to snap a two-game losing streak. to keep their beaks above water (.500), stay alive for playoff contention, and keep clawing up from third place in the NFC West.

The Seahawks needed no extra motivation, but Cam Newton's antics provided plenty of it.

The Diehard can accept a certain level of celebration in football, but remains uncomfortable with narcissistic displays like Cam Newton's "I am Superman" nonsense.

I knew to expect that. What I didn't expect is that Cam Newton celebrates every single first down.

 First down celebrations are OK when you're a back or receiver who gets only a few touches per game, but when you're the quarterback, celebrating every single first down is.... excessive, to say the least.

Cam Newton has a great smile, but Seahawk defenders must have got tired of seeing his pearly whites.

So Bruce Irvin handled the situation.