Friday, October 26, 2012

Belated musings

It has been my misfortune to be too busy to blog during the most interesting season in the history of Seahawks Diehard.

Has anyone else noticed that our defense generally impresses in the first half and falters in the second? Why can't our defensive coaches anticipate halftime adjustments, or at least adapt to them on the fly?

Russell Wilson continues to impress. Imagine what would he could do if he had receivers who caught the ball reliably. Or consistently good playcalling from the offensive coordinator.

I continue to favor inserting Matt Flynn as a reliever when Wilson fades, as he did in the second half of last Thursday's loss at San Francisco. What is there to lose?

Richard Sherman is too much fun. He brutalizes opposing receivers, humbles Tom Brady, and dubs himself Optimus Prime because he'll be covering Megatron in Detroit on Sunday.