Saturday, September 5, 2015

What about Locker?

I have no shame about being the ultimate homer.

I like Tarvaris Jackson as our backup quarterback.

In his youth, T-Jack could run well enough to maintain the dual threat element of our offense that makes Russell Wilson so challenging for opposing offenses.

But Jackson appears to lack that speed now. He doesn't have the play-extending elusiveness of DangeRuss or BJ Wilson. If Wilson went down, then T-Jack would probably get pulverized behind our porous offensive line. Defenses would stack the box, stuff the run, blitz like hell and dare T-Jack to throw. Cue the PTSD flashbacks to the 2010 season.

I'm glad we're using BJ Daniels the way we should have used Seneca Wallace back in the day, because that keeps him available as a third-string quarterback.

But I have an idea for someone to succeed Jackson as our #2 quarterback: Jake Locker.

Yes, I know that the Hurt Locker "retired." Had a tough time in Tennessee. Got banged up a lot. Didn't feel like taking the demotion from first-round pick and franchise quarterback heir apparent to journeyman struggling to catch on in Buffalo or Cleveland or something. I totally get it.

But as Locker's body continues to heal, I hope he keeps in football shape and keeps throwing and considers what he and Seattle could do for each another. I'd love to see him come out of retirement and compete for the backup job next year.

When things settle down, John Schneider & Pete Carroll should give that man a call...

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